Hit your savings goals with crypto

Over 60% of adults are not saving enough.1 We are here to change that! Get yourself into great financial shape and invest in your future self with our challenges.

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Join a challenge. Make deposits. Earn rewards.

Level up your finances alongside our 15,000+ strong community. Want to build up your portfolio with regular USD stablecoin deposits? Or get the motivation to hold on to your volatile crypto tokens? We’ve got you!

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92% of HaloFi users hit their goals

HaloFi users are different. No yolo and fomo, consistency is king here. And it's working– since launching in 2021, our community has a success rate of 92% in hitting their financial goals. Together saving over $4 million USD worth of crypto.

Almost all of our challenges are no loss. If you wait until the end of the challenge, you'll never receive fewer tokens than you initially put in. Start saving today and become your best financial self.

Collect badges and other goodies

Personal finance doesn't have to be dull. With HaloFi - besides more money - you can earn NFTs, badges and your spot on our leaderboard. Keep collecting as you hit those milestones.

What's more your can create and vote on challenges of your choice. The more you use HaloFi, the more powerful your vote becomes. Keep track of your progress in your dashboard.

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Decentralised since day one

With HaloFi you don’t have to rely on risky centralised parties or crypto exchanges. We are a decentralised finance (DeFi) application. Smart contract technology secures and keeps track of everything. You always stay in full control.

Originating from ETHLondon and Gitcoin Kernel. HaloFi is a DeFi native platform. Our platform is transparent and auditable. We believe in open financial tools.

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Our Backers and Supporters

Rene Reinsberg Photo
HaloFi is one of the Celo community’s favorite DeFi apps - mobile friendly and easy to use, but also providing real world utility of helping people achieve financial goals in a playful way.
Rene Reinsberg
- President @ Celo Foundation
Mona El Isa
HaloFi's non-custodial and decentralized platform is a great tool for folks to make wealth management fun!
Mona El Isa
- CEO @ Avantgarde Finance
Hamzah Khan Profile Photo
HaloFi is a DeFi project that helps users save using a novel incentive mechanism that is much more powerful than what CeFi has to offer.
Kain Warwick
- Founder @ Synthetix
David Truong Profile Photo
By gamifying financial education, HaloFi makes the world of DeFi accessible to everyone, creating opportunties to save, increase wealth, and have fun while doing it!
David Truong
- Founder @ dlabs.xyz
Nemanja Cerovac Profile Photo
HaloFi is one of few interesting novel uses of DeFi composability and primitives. Gamifying savings to create better financial health is a vision Polygon believes in. Excited to see the growth.
Hamzah Khan - Head of DeFi @ Polygon Labs
Nemanja Cerovac Profile Photo
90% of DeFi is still too complex, targets exotic use cases and niche value adds. HaloFi is tackling one of the most fundamental financial primitives - savings - and does it with intuitive UX, simple self-custody and creative, gamified loops.
Nemanja 'Nemo' Cerovac
- GP @ Daedalus Angels

Live Challenges

Start your savings journey any time with a live challenge. Whether you want more stablecoins or crypto like ETH, we have something for you.
Save and hold like a boss with HaloFi.

How it works

Making all required deposits is the key to completing a challenge. When doing so, you earn a slice of the generated rewards!

Our smart contracts keep track of your deposits, and transfer the funds in to audited DeFi services, such as Aave and Curve. This earns interest and other rewards. Once the challenge is completed, everyone gets back their original deposits, but the rewards are split amongst the “winners”. Keeping you accountable and earning higher yield than with the underlying DeFi services.

Note: Challenges involving non-stablecoins, may lead to unpredictable changes in value and lower withdrawn amounts. Full details in our FAQ and documentation.

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Safety first

We have helped people save millions without any loss of funds. Still, as with all DeFi products, there are risks involved. We have had multiple professional security audits, and follow strict security practices to avoid potential unforeseen losses. All our yield strategies run on public blockchain networks (like Celo or Polygon). This removes the risk of centralised counter parties going bankrupt.

Security and Audits

1. Over half (56%) of all working-age adults in the UK, and 61% of the total adult population are classed as inadequate savers, according to the UK Strategy for Financial Wellbeing. In the US, another study, found more than one third of adults have less than $1000 in savings and are unable to cover a $400 emergency expense today.